Plant List for the Texas Panhandle - Flowers

Annuals, Perennials and Bulbs
Nearly all require a sunny location. Afternoon shade will hurt only a few, mabye none. The more xeric the plants natural habitat, the less water it needs. Some of these low water-use plants will die from over care and watering. Your expertise and touch as a gardener will be a factor in your success, as always.
It is not as detailed as the plant profiles, but does contain some useful information to get you started. If you follow the principles outlined in this website, you should experience a good deal of success in growing them. I have tried many of these plants in my own garden or gardens I planted for others. Some of the plants I have knowledge of them growing in other people's gardens in our area.
Send me your suggestions and growing conditions for plants you feel should be added to this list; I know there are yet many.
Plants are listed with Botanic Latin name first, common name afterwards, if known.
Acantholimon hohenakeri, prickly dianthus, pink flowers in spring. Prickly, not for the front of borders,
up to 12” tall.
Achillea ageratifolia, Greek yarrow, low growing white spring blooming flower.
Achillea filipendulina 'Coronation Gold', yarrow, gold flowering in late spring – summer.
Achillea millefolium, Yarrow, small white flowers April thru September, native to most of temperate US.
Achillea serbica, Serbian yarrow, low growing white spring blooming flower.
Achillea x Moonshine, yarrow, lemon yellow flowering late spring to summer.
Agastache x Desert Sunrise, hyssop, pink, medium water-use, summer to fall blooming.
Agastache aurantiaca, orange hummingbirtd mint, moderate water, mid-summer to fall.
Agastache cana, double bubble mint hyssop, mid-summer to fall.
Agastache ruprestris, hyssop, orange flowering mid-summer to fall.
Agaves, for a list of cold hardy agaves for the Texas Panhandle, visit the plant profile on agaves.
Agave americana v. medio-picta, variegated century plant, not cold hardy.
Agave harvardiana, Harvard's agave, quite cold hardy.
A.parryi v. parryi, a Zone 6 agave.
Agave parryi v truncata Even though this is a Zone 7 agave, I prefer this one to
Agave toumeyana var. bella, miniature century plant
Agave utahensis
Agave victoriae-reginae, Zone 7, I have not planted it in the ground, only in a container I bring inside.
Ajuga reptans, bugleweed, several varieties, medium to high water-use, part shade to shade. Afternoon shade, in particular. Low growing, blue is the common color.
Alcea rosea, hollyhocks, various colors, late spring through fall, low water-use.
Alyssum wulfenianum, Wulfen's Madwort, low growing gray leaved with yellow spring flowers.
Anacyclus depressus, mat daisy, small daisy-like flowers with pink undersides in spring.
Anisacanthus quadrifidus, spp wrightii, Flame acanthus, orange-red summer to fall blooming with glossy green leaves.
Antirrhinum majus, Snapdragons, perennial, long blooms, some varieties are cold hardy.
Aquilegia caerulea, McKana Giant Mixed, Rocky Mountain Blue and Red Hobbit columbines, etal. Sun or part shade, spring blooming in various desirable colors.
Aquilegia canadensis, columbine, red/yellow spring blooming, sun and part shade.
Aquilegia chrysantha, golden spurred columbine, sun and part shade, spring blooming. Southern native.
Argemone albiflora, white prickly poppy, bluestem prickly poppy, southern native, white blooms spring into summer.
Argemone polyanthemos, crested white prickly poppy, native, white flowers in late spring.
Armeria maritima compacta, compact sea pink, pink summer blooming.
Artemesia ludoviciana, white sagebrush, native to most of the US, any soil/condition nearly.
Artemisia x Powis Castle, large mounding perennial with ferny silver leaves.
Artemisia schmidtiana 'Silver Mound', small mounding silver with silver leaves.
Artemisia versicolor 'Seafoam'. Curlicue sage, yellow flowers with unusual silver foliage.
Asclepias asperula, Antelope horns, native milkweed, summer blooming.
Asclepias tuberosa, orange butterfly weed, Great Plains native, orange summer blooming.
Aster divarucatus, white wood aster, medium water-use.
Aster ericoides, heath aster, small white daisy-like, fall flowers. Can be invasive in gardens.
Aster laevis, native, medium water-use.
Aster laterifolus 'Lady in Black', Calico Aster, fall blooming with tiny white flowers and red centers, black stems, Great Plains native. Medium water-use.
Aster novae-angliae, New England Aster 'Alma Potchke', medium water-use.
Baileya multiradiata, desert marigold, annual or re-seeding annual. SW native.
Baptisia australis, wild indigo, native to South and Great Plains, blue flowers in late spring or early summer. Other species are also good in other colors.
Berlandiera lyrata, chocolate flower, native, yellow daisy like flowers with red centers & yellow rays.
Bignonia capreolata, Crossvine, southern native vine, orange-red spring blooming flowers.
Boltonia asteroides, white, late summer flowering, medium water-use, southern native.
Bukiniczia cabulica, formerly Aeoniopsis cabulica, small rock garden plant, biennial that reseeds. Drought tolerant. Blue-green rosettes with mottled leaves, small pink flowers the second year. Unusual.
Bulbine frutescens, for a container, a Zone 8 or warmer succulent, yellow/orange all summer blooming.
Calendula officinalis, common or pot marigold, calendula. Orange, white, apricot annual.
Calamintha nepeta, Calamint, all summer blooming, white flowers with a strong mint fragrance.
Callirhoe alcaeoides 'Logan Calhoun', poppy mallow, winecups, white flowers. SW native.
Callirhoe involucrata, poppy mallow, wine cups, magenta, spring into fall blooming. Native.
Calylophus hartwegii, sundrops, yellow flowers spring to fall. Native.
Calylophus hartwegii fendleri, Fendlers sundrops, yellow flowers in summer. Native.
Calylophus hartwegii v. lavandulaefolius, sundrops, yellow flowers with lavender-like leaves. Native
Calylophus serrulatus, dwarf sundrops, yellow flowers spring to fall. Native.
Campis radicans, Trumpet vine, orange red trumpet flowers blooms in summer, Southern native.
Centranthus ruber, Jupiter's Beard, reddish pink, blooms spring to fall. Very low water-use.
Cerastium tomentosa columnae, Snow-in-summer, small white daisy-like flowers, summer blooming.
Centranthus ruber alba, white Jupiter's Beard, white blooms spring to fall, not as reliable returning.
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides, hardy blue plumbago, summer blue blooming flowers, sun and shade.
Chrysanthemum, fall blooming perennials, varied colors. Reliable, medium water-use.
Chrysanthemum pacificum, one of the last chrysanthemums to bloom, late fall, yellow flowers.
Chrysactinia mexicana, Damianita, spring to fall blooming yellow flowers, xeric, Texas native.
Chrysogonum virginicanum, Green and Gold 'Picadilly', southern native, medium water-use.
Clematis drummondii, Texas Virgins Bower, vine, most soils including sandy and caliche, fall blooming native to Texas and the SW. Fall blooming with whitish feathery plumes.
Clemantis fruticosa, Mongolian Gold, small shrub to 3' with cascades of bright yellow flowers in the summer.
Consolida ambigua, annual larksper, shades of white, blue and pink, mid spring flowering. Reseeds.
Coreopsis lanceolata, lanceleaf coreopsis Yellow daisy-like. SW native. Sandy soil.
Corepsis tinctoria, plains coreposis, yellow summer blooming.
Crocus, various species and colors. Most spring blooming varieties and a few fall blooming ones.
Dalea purpureum, purple prairie clover, native plains wildflower with purple flowers, summer.
Datura wrightii, Jimsonweed, Datura. Native to much of the US, low spreading with large white flowers, sandy soil, long blooming, reseeds.
Delosperma cooperi ‘Kelaidis’, Mesa Verde iceplant, salmon pink ice plant.
Desmanthus illinoensis, Illinois bundleflower, white blooms May thru Sept., native to Great Plains and parts of southern US, including Texas. Average garden soil, probably medium water-use.
Dianthus gratianopolitanus 'Firewitch' and 'Bath's Pink', late spring perennial dianthus.
Echinacea angustifolia, Black Samson, native echinacea, late summer blooming, pale purple.
Echinacea purpurea, southern purple coneflower, Many hybrids and varieties available in many colors.
Engelmannia pinnatifida, Engelman's daisy, cut leaf daisy, native, yellow flowers bloom all sp/summer.
Ephedra minimus, dwarf ephedra, evergreen wiry stems. Xeric.
Eranthis hyemalis, winter aconite, yellow flowering bulb, late winter to very early spring blooming.
Erigeron modestus, fleabane daisy, small white daisy-like flowers, late spring through summer. Native.
Eriogonum umbellatum, sulfur flower, yellow late spring to summer blooming. SW native.
Erodium, Heron's bill, small dainty pink flower.
Eschscholzia californica, California poppy, annual, reseeding annual. Yellow cupped spring blooming.
Euphorbia marginata, snow on the prairie, green leaves with white margins and white bracts in autumn. Poisonous. Also the sap may cause allergic reaction. Native throughout US. Attractive but c/b invasive.
Euphorbia myrsinites, Blue spurge, not native.
Eupatorium greggii, (also Conoclinium greggii) West Texas Mist Flower, SW native, lavender to blue flowers.
Eupatorium purpurem, Joe Pye weed, Midwestern, eastern and southern native, medium water-use, tall, magenta or red flowers.
Gaillardia grandiflora 'Goblin' and 'Burgundy', Indian blanket, red, yellow and burgundy, Native.
Gaillardia aristata, perennial native Indian Blanket, very showy flower.
Gaillardia pulchella, annual Indian Blanket or Firewheel, native.
Gaura coccinea, scarlet gaura, smaller, red, all summer flowering native, more drought tolerant than the other gauras.
Gaura lindheimeri 'Whirling Butterflies', The Bride, and 'Siskiyou Pink'. basal rosette with wispy thin stems & delicate flowers. All summer blooming.
Gazania krebsiana, Orange peacock gazania, short lived perennial, summer blooming.
Gazania linearis 'Colorado Gold, yellow hardy gazania, short lived perennial.
Gutierrezia sarothrae, Broom snakeweed, yellow fall blooming perennial. SW and area native.
Helianthus maximiliani, various sunflowers. Short to tall, various autumn colors depending on variety.
Hemerocallis, many wonderful daylily varieties and hybrids available.
Hemerocallis 'Hyperion', short all summer long blooming daylily.
Heterotheca canescens, Gray golden aster, yellow native wild flower, mid summer to fall blooming.
Hesperaloe parviflora, ‘Duet’ Red and yellow yucca, all summer to fall blooming.
Hesperaloe parviflora, Texas Red Yucca, all summer to fall blooming, Texas native. Succulent.
Heuchera sanguinea, various varieties, coral bells, foliage in a myriad of colors and variegations.
Hibiscus coccineus, Scarlet hibiscus, scarlet rose mallow, southern native.
Hibiscus laevis, halberd-leaf hibiscus, southern native.
Hibiscus moscheutos, rose mallow, southern native.
Hymenoxys argentea, Perky Sue, native low growing with yellow daisy-like flowers.
Hymenoxys scaposa, Plains daisy, bitterweed, native.
Iberis sempervirens, candytuft, evergreen low growing w/small white flowers in spring. Part shade.
Ipomoea coccinea, scarlet creeper, small scarlet flowering vine, summer, Hummingbird plant.
Ipomoea leptophylla, Bush morning glory, magenta flowers bloom continuously from late spring to early autumn.
Ipomoea quamoclit, Cypress vine, annual vine native to more southern areas, red flowers. Summer.
Ipomoea x multifida, Cardinal climber, summer blooming red flowers, annual vine.
Ipomopsis rubra, Standing cypress. Native southern biennial, red summer blooming.
Iris, many varieties and colors.
Kniphofia uvaria, torch lily, summer blooming, orange, red and yellow flowers on spikes.
Lamiastrum galeobdolon, 'Herman's Pride', yellow blooming dead nettle, spring to summer blooming in part shade to shade.
Lamium maculatum, dead nettle, white or pink flowers with variegated leaves. Spring to summer blooming. Several varieties available. Medium water-use, afternoon shade.
Lantana horrida, montevidensis and camera, Lantana, mostly is not cold hardy, southern native. Low water-use. Good to plant, summer flowering, but don't expect it to winter over.
Lonicera flava, Yellow honeysuckle, spring flowering vine, southern Great Plains native.
Lonicera sempervirens, coral honeysuckle, southern native vine.
Lavendula angustifolia, English lavender, many varieties will grow, medium water-use. Spanish lavender (Lavendula stoechas) is usually not cold hardy in the Texas Panhandle.
Liatris punctata, gayfeather, blazing star. Magenta fall blooming native.
Linum flavum, Yellow flax, perennial
Linum pratense and rigidum, annual blue and yellow flax, both native.
Linum perenne var. lewisii, blue flax, prairie flax, native spring blooming.
Machaeranthera bigelovii, purple aster, native perennial. Fall blooming.
Machaeranthera tannacetifolia, Tahoka daisy, tansy aster. Violet blue or lavender in color, spring through summer. Native annual.
Manfreda maculosa, Texas Tuberose, succulent, southern native.
Manfreda virginiana (virginica), false aloe, southern native.
Marrubium rotundifolia, silver-edged horehound, very low water-use, foliage plant.
Melopodium leucanthum, Blackfoot Daisy, white daisy-like flowers spring to fall. Native.
Mirabilis multiflora, desert four o'clock, drought tolerant, summer blooming.
Monarda didyma, scarlet bee balm, Great Plains, eastern and southern native, medium water-use.
Muscari, grape hyacinth, spring blooming bulb in white and blue.
Narcissus, daffodils, many varieties & hybrids, all versions of white, yellow and apricot. Spring bloom.
Nepeta x faassenii 'Select Blue' & 'Walkers Low', blue catmint, late spring to fall blooming, low water-use, mounding.
Oenothera caespitosa, White tufted evening primrose, drought tolerant white blooms. SW native.
Oenothera macrocarpa ssp. incana, Silver edged Missouri evening primrose, native summer long blooming.
Oenothera missourianus or macrocarpa, Missouri evening primrose, native, yellow goblet flowers, spring to summer.
Oenothera speciosa, pink evening primrose, Texas native. Invasive in average garden setting. Sandy soil
Origanum libanoticum, ornamental oregano, Lebanese oregano, pinkish, spring to fall. Low to medium low water-use.
Orostachys iwarenge, Dunce caps, succulent, low growing gray rosettes, dunce caps in late summer.
Parthenocissus quinquefolia, Virginia creeper, vine native to Eastern half of US, including Texas. Inconspicuous green flowers in spring, blue berries in late summer and stunning red foliage in fall. Berries are extremely poisonous!
Passiflora incarnata, maypop, passion vine. Summer blooming. We're on the edge of its cold hardiness.
Pavonia lasiopetala, rock rose, small pink blooms, late spring to frost, sun or part shade.
Penstemons, many species and varieties. SW natives.
Penstemon pinifolius, pineleaf penstemon, orange/red
Penstemon pinifolius, ‘Mersea Yellow’, pineleaf penstemon, yellow flowers
Perovskia atriplicifolia, Russian sage, blue summer flowering shrub, low water-use.
Phemeranthus calycinum, flame flower, deep magenta, drought tolerant.
Phlox divaricata, blue woodland phlox
Phlox drummondii, Drummond's phlox, Texas native wildflower. Spring blooming.
Phlox nana 'Santa Fe', Santa Fe phlox, deep pink flowers all summer long, low water-use.
Phlox paniculata, phlox, eastern Great Plains and southern areas, summer blooming, medium water-use. Numerous varieties and colors, tall to 3' or so.
Phlox pilosa, downy phlox or prairie phlox, smaller than P. paniculata and lower water-use. Late spring, early summer.
Phlox subulata, creeping or moss phlox, low growing and slow spreading, spring blooming native to eastern US. Semi-evergreen leaves. Medium water-use.
Physostegia virginiana, obedient plant, varieties in pink and white flowers, summer to fall blooms. Southern native, medium water-use.
Poliomentha longiflora, Mexican Oregano, southern native, tiny white flowers in summer.
Polygala alba, white milkwort, shortgrass prairie wildflower, white flower spikes on foot long slender stems.
Psilostrophe tagetina, paper flower, native with yellow blooms spring and summer.
Ratibida columnifera 'Mexican Hat' and 'Yellow', native prairie coneflower, summer to fall.
Ruschia ’Calvin’s Pink’, shrubby ice plant to 12”, magenta. A Mesemb from south Africa.
Ruschia hamata, Trailing shrubby ice plant. Tiny late spring flowers.
Salvia argentea, silver sage, biennial foliage plant.
Salvia chamaedroides, New Mexican sage, Blue summer flowering. Native to the upper Chihuahuan deserts.
Salvia coccinea, scarlet sage, Texas Sage. Reseeding annual. Several varieties. Native to Texas.
Salvia daghestanica, Dwarf silver leafed sage. Xeric, 10” x 12”, violet blue, flowers for 3 – 4 weeks, late spring.
Salvia dorrii, small, xeric, 12” x 12”, purple flowers. SW native.
Salvia farinacea, Victoria blue sage, perennial that is only marginally cold hardy for the Texas Panhandle.
Salvia greggii, 'Furman's Red', Furman's Texas red sage, autumn sage. Texas native.
Salvia greggii Pink Preference, pink Salvia greggii, cold hardy.
Salvia microphylla 'Hot Lips', red and white bi-color sage.
Salvia nemerosa 'May Night', May night meadow sage, dark purple, medium water use, spring to fall.
Salvia nemerosa, ‘Plumosa’. Plumerosa, dark purple, spring to fall blooms if kept deadheaded.
Salvia officinalis, the herb sage. Low water-use.
Salvia pachyphylla, Mohave Sage, xeric, 30” x 30”, unusual sage, purple sticky flowers.
Salvia roemeriana, Cedar sage, native to Texas and the SW. Red flowers.
Salvia x 'Raspberry Delight', hybrid bush sage.
Santolina chamaecyparissus, gray santolina with small yellow flowers.
Santolina virens, evergreen santolina, fragrant leaves, yellow flowers.
Scabiosa columbaria 'Butterfly Blue', Pincushion flower.
Scutellaria suffrutescens, pink Texas skullcap, late spring to fall, south Texas native.
Scutellaria resinosa, skullcap, blue and white flowers spring through summer; native.
Sedums, a large group grows well, low and medium water-use. Ground covers and taller succulents.
Sempervivums, various, Hens and Chicks, low growing succulents.
Silene laciniata, Indian Pink, Catchfly. All summer blooming native.
Solidago canadensis, several varieties, goldenrod, golden yellow flowers, some summer, others fall blooming.
Solidago speciosa rigidiuscula, Whichita Mountains Goldenrod, native, golden flowers in late summer.
Sphaeralcea ambigua, native desert glove mallow, orange is the common color but other varieties are available, native xeric.
Sphaeralcea angustifolia, glove mallow, pink, native to the Davis Mountains.
Sphaeralcea coccinea, caliche globe mallow, orange and orange red flowers.
Sphaeralcea grossulariifolia, gooseberryleaf globemallow, red, native to SW, xeric.
Stachys byzantina 'Helen von Stein', lambs ears, gray tomentose leaves with pink fragrant flowers.
Stachys coccinea, scarlet hedgenettle, red and 'Coral Pink', medium watering for best results.
Stanleya pinnata, Prince's plume, yellow flowers in late summer, xeric native.
Stokesia laevis, Stokes aster, southern native, fall blooming.
Tanacetum niveum, white bouquet tansy, small white daisy-like flowers late spring.
Tetraneuris acaulis, native, yellow daisy like flowers, also called Perky Sue (Hymenoxys).
Teucrium aroanium, gray creeping germander, deep lavender pink fragrant flowers summer long.
Teucrium chamaedris, ground oak germander, wall germander, violet blue flowers summer long.
Teucrium laciniatum, cutleaf germander.
Thymus, many thymes grow well in a medium water-use area. Sun to part shade. Afternoon shade.
Thymus pseudolanguginosus, woolly thyme, small gray leaves, a ground cover.
Tradescantia occidentalis, Western or prairie spiderwort, blue flower in summer. Native to shortgrass prairies and SW to Arizona. Sandy soils. A subsucculent.
Tulipa, many varieties and colors. Spring blooming bulb.
Verbascum undulatum, wavy-leaf mullein, pale yellow sumptuous foliage.
Verbena bipinnatifida, prairie verbena, native short lived perennial, self seeding, blue to magenta flowers spring thru fall.
Verbena goodingii, Gooding verbena, xeric found in elevations up to 5000 ft in elevation. SW native.
Vernonia baldwinii, Ironweed, Great Plains & southern native, all around great plant, summer and fall blooming magenta flowers, 3-5' stems. Low water-use, most soils. Spreads some. Bee and Butterfly.
Veronica 'Blue Reflection', evergreen low growing ground cover, tiny blue flowers spring to fall.
Veronica incana, silver speedwell, silver gray leaves with blue flowers on spikes summer long.
Veronica pectinata, wooly creeping speedwell, blue flowers, drought tolerant ground cover.
Veronica spicata, speedwell, several varieties and colors, upright flower spikes, medium water-use.
Veronica vormskjoldoo, American alpine speedwell
Veronicastrum virginica, Culvers root, mid to late summer.
Veronica vormskjoldoo, American alpine speedwell
Veronicastrum virginica, Culvers root, mid to late summer. Southern native.
Yucca, many species and varieties, see the Plant Profile on Yucca.
Zauschneria arizonica, hardy hummingbird trumpet, orange, late summer to fall blooming.
Zauschneria californica and Z. latifolia, similar to the above.
Zephyranthes brazoensis (drummondii), evening star rain lily, southern native bulb, summer blooming.
Zephranthes candida, white rain lily, southern native bulb, summer blooming.
Zinnia acerosa, White Flowered Bush Zinnia, spring to fall small white blooms.
Zinnia grandiflora, prairie zinnia, golden yellow late spring into fall.
Zizophora clinopodiodes, blue mint bush, blue summer blooming with a strong mint fragrance.