Vauquelinia corymbosa angustifolia

Latin Name: Vauquelinia corymbosa angustifolia
Common Name: Chisos Rosewood
Mature Height (ft): 10-20'
Mature Width: 6-10'

Mature Shape

Pyramidal shaped
Mulch: Inorganic.

Plant Type: 

Flower Color: 

Flowering Season: 


Cold Hardiness: 

Heat Zone: 

Ideal Sun Conditions: 

Water Requirement: 

Soil Requirements: 


The Arizona rosewood is classified either as a quite tall shrub or short to mid height tree. One of it's best features is that it is evergreen, with slender glossy green leaves approximately 3 inches long. It puts on small white flowers in summer. One of the few drought tolerant, native, evergreen trees available in the trade. Slow growing.

Use in Garden

Any xeric or low water-use setting, in a habitat and native shrub garden. Group several together for a windbreak or for screening.